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About iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test

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iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test is manufactured by JAL Innovation. Each testing kit contains everything you need to perform the test privately and safely: test cassette, dropper, needle, diluent bottle, and alcohol swab. This immunoassay is used for detecting the presence of Treponema Pallidum (TP), an extremely infectious bacterium that causes syphilis disease. This infection can be transferred via intimate contact with a person who has an open syphilitic sore, unprotected sexual contact, or from an infected mother to a child during pregnancy or birth.

Within first few weeks after TP invaded the body, symptoms of syphilis include fever, chills, headache, swollen tonsils, sores on or around the genitals, anus or mouth areas.

During secondary stage, symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever, and rash which can be left unnoticed. If not treated, the infection will develop to the next stage.

During asymptomatic stage the TP bacterium is inactive. Asymptomatic syphilis may or may not move to its final stage (also known as tertiary syphilis), which is fatal in most cases. It affects the heart, brain, and other organs of the body.

Please, be aware that syphilis can stay latent for years, which does not mean TP bacterium is no longer in a patient's blood. Detecting the presence of antibodies for Treponema Pallidum is crucial not only for your personal health, but for your surroundings as well.

How to use iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test:

1. Clean the finger chosen to puncture with an alcohol pad and let in to dry.

2. Push in the knob of the lancet, twist it, and then pull the knob out.

3. Prick the skin pressing the lancet against the finger.

4. After a drop of the blood has formed on the finger, collect the blood using micro pipette.

5. Using the pipette, apply two drops of blood to the testing cassette.

6. Open the diluent bottle and place about two drops to the testing cassette as well. Make sure the diluent liquid touches the control line.

7. Read the results in 15 minutes (do not check the results after 30 minutes or longer).

Test Results

You may have syphilis: if there are two visible pink colored lines in the Test and Control areas (marked “T” and “C” on the test device).

You do not have syphilis: if you see one pink colored line in the Control area.

Test results are invalid: if a line appeared in the Test region while Control area has left blank. The results also cannot be considered as valid in case of both T and C areas left with no visible lines. You should retake the test with a new device.


Store at room temperature between 2°C and 30°C (35 and 86 degrees F) under dry conditions. Do not use after expiration date printed on the sealed pouch. Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or or not well sealed. Keep away from children.


Check the test kit package carefully before use and avoid using punctured or damaged pouch.

Do not use the test kit beyond the expiration date.

Do not swallow – the test is for in vitro use only.

Mind that all specimens are potentially infectious. Use gloves and protective close when holding them. Dispose all used contents properly.

iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test can be used only once. The used‐device has the risk of infection. Discard after the first use.

Q: How effective iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test in diagnosing syphilis?

A: iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test is an effective tool in detecting the syphilis disease. As reported by WHO, the sensitivity of syphilis rapid screen tests ranges from 85 to 98% comparing to laboratory-based standard tests. Note, that test results can be considered as highly valid only if the test kit was used strictly according to the instructions.

Q: Can a syphilis-infected mother breastfeed her child?

A: If mother has syphilis, she can breastfeed as long as the baby does not contact with syphilitic sores. If there is any chance a chancre is on the breast or nipple, mother should avoid breastfeeding her infant.

Q: Does iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test require any special skills or conditions to be performed?

A: iCare® Syphilis Rapid Screen Test was designed for the use at various settings and does not require any special skills. As long as the test kit is used in accordance to instruction within the room temperature and average level of humidity, the results can be read as valid.

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